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Name Website
Abenaki Timber - Kingston -NH 03848 - USA
Allegheny Veneer Timber Merchants - Corry PA 16407 - USA
APP Timber-Veneers - 40150 Shah Alam - Malaysia
ATI Wood-Timber-Lumber-Veneer - Roanoke VA 24018 - USA
BigOnDry - Holztrocknung-Timber Drying - Italy
Britton Timbers - Prestson NSW 2170 - Australia
Brooks Bros. Ltd-Timber Service -Maldon - United Kingdom
Cathild Industrie Holztrockung - Timber Drying - France
Duffield Timber (Holzhandel) Ripon -- United Kingdom
Exhibitors-Nantes-Timbershow Exposants-Aussteller - France
Hoffmeier Industrieanlagen - Timber Market - Germany - Timber Market Germany
Kämpf-Sägewerk-Holzhandel - Timber Market - Germany
Mill-Hoogenhoff Oak Timber / Eichenholz - Netherlands
Mühlböck Holztrockung - Timber Drying - Austria
Nantes-Timbershow-Carrefour de Bois - France
Oppenau-Doll Fahrzeugbau-Timber Transport-Heavy Haulage - Germany
Pinomatic Oy - Timber Press - Verleimanlagen - Finland
Rex-Holzbearbeitung-Timbermaster - Germany
SCM Group Holzbearbeitung - Timber Machines - Italy
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